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Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. of St. Joseph County Michigan, is a full service land surveying firm proudly celebrating over 36 years of providing excellent service to its clients throughout southwest Michigan. Our company is family owned with two professional land surveyors on staff with a combined 155 years of professional experience. With two office locations, Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. in Centreville and Coldwater, MI, we have the staff and resources ready to assist you with your project.

We pride ourselves in understanding what our clients need, and then providing a service that exceeds their concerns, requirements, and expectations. With our vast experience in every aspect of land surveying, we are confident that we can complete any project in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

If you are looking for a company with experience, flexibility, common sense, and cost effective solutions, don't look any further. Take a look through our site to learn more about who we are, what we do, and the projects we have completed.

Excellence is our goal! Contact us to let us know how we can put our experience and expertise to work on your project.

Building Communities Throughout Southwest Michigan

Customer Testimonials

Harvey C. Lambright
I have worked with Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. for many years. In our Real Estate Auction and Real Estate business we frequently need a variety of services that Mostrom and Assoc., Inc. provides. David and his firm are the first phone call I make after meeting with a client to sell their property. From walking the farm, plat design, surveys, permits and even personally attending our auctions to answer questions - David is always willing to do what it takes to provide quality service.

Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. is a family business, similar to ours and they hold similar values of honesty, quality of service, integrity and client satisfaction. Any project that I have entrusted to their company has been completed in a timely manner, in the most cost-effective manner, and in a most professional way.

I would recommend, and have many times, Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. - they are not just a company, they become your friends and family

Harvey C. Lambright
Lewis & Lambright, Inc.

Raymond Matison

As a first time developer with no previous experience with surveying, developing, or the plat submission process in 1998, I found Mostrom & Associates an absolutely invaluable resource. They guided my own, impractical thinking along proper local ordinance and state legal, engineering, and project design lines that avoided or reduced controversy and produced the desired result - a plat approval of what had been a controversial local NIMBY project. This project has been ongoing over the last ten years, and is likely to go on for another 15 years.

Wayne, David, and Doug Mostrom are much more than licensed surveyors; their long and dedicated practice of a no nonsense and conservative approach for advice and counsel to developers, accurate surveying, and practical plat design, as well as persistence to get things done - over several decades - has won admiration and respect equally from both admirers and opponents. They have the strength of character and integrity to tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you would like to have confirmed by the firm you are engaging. If I had to reduce my tremendous enthusiasm for their wise counsel, engineering accuracy, legal certitude, and persistency in just pursuit, to just four words, they would be - integrity, accuracy, persistence, and respect.

Raymond Matison
Serenity Shores LLC