The following is a sample list of previous projects that are representative of our capabilities and experience. For each of these projects, Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. provided the necessary services to work through, and complete, the required tasks.

Baldwin Landing

In February of 2007, Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. started working with the owner, Paul Delano, to convert an old, rundown campground into a beautiful lake residential development. The project was unusual because the concept the owner was looking to build did not fit any type of development allowed by the township. Through several meetings and open communication with the planning commission and township boards, a final plan was approved that benefited the township, developer, and the neighboring residents. Take a look at the web site for Baldwin Landing and see what you think. Baldwin Landing


Island Hills Golf Course

Island Hills is a unique golf course development on the west side of Lake Templene, a 1050-acre all sports lake in Centreville, MI. Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. was involved from the initial phase of planning through the final recording of the development. The golf course and residential development is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and best golfing in southwest Michigan. You can view the website at Island Hills Golf Online

Westside Landfill

Mostrom & Assoc. Inc. has been providing surveying services to Westside Landfill in Three Rivers, MI for over 35 years. This work has included boundary surveying, construction layout, certification of new cells, surveying of gas wells and lines, quarterly air space calculations, and all the related mapping. We also handle the surveying needs of Orchard Hill Landfill in Watervliet, MI. This is a specialized field that we are proud to be able to offer to our local landfills in southwest Michigan.

Michigan Remonumentation Program

David Mostrom, the St. Joseph County Michigan Surveyor, has overseen the county remonumentation program since taking over from his father Wayne Mostrom. With funds generated by the recording of deeds in the courthouse, the original government section corners are being researched, checked in the field, reviewed by a peer group, monumented with a standard county monument, and then recorded in the Register of Deeds Office. Many old survey corners including original wood stakes, stones, pipes, etc. have been found and verified through the years during this program. The establishment of these corners help bring the cost down for property owners in the county. Below are some pictures of the guys with some of the corners found over the years.